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Interview Tips for a Candidate Applying for an Administrative Assistant Position

If you want administrative assistant interview tips, then what you need are basic interview giving techniques, as they are more or less the same, except taking into consideration the fact that an administrative assistant interview is much more specific in nature.

Let us have a look at how a usual administrative assistant interview is conducted, by tackling interview questions which are more general in nature and then progressing to those questions which particularly relate to the administrative assistant position-

Administrative Assistant Interview Tips

Tips for General Interview Questions

After referring to your resume, the interviewer will question you on the most basic and significant points mentioned in your job profile. For example,

  • Have you taken any additional courses in college to the ones already mentioned on your resume?
  • Could you further elaborate on the job objective specified on your resume? (some some examples here)
  • What do you expect from this organization, in terms of your career? How much research have you done on the organization, its business procedures, services, and clients?
  • What is the full capacity in which you would be able to serve our institution?

The right way for preparing the answers to these questions would be to take immense care into what you are writing on your resume. Every point that you put in should be carefully thought out, verifiable for its accuracy, and be something that you are always able to stand behind. The HR personnel or whomsoever questions the candidates is bound to cross-check the facts and information included on your resume, so ensure that all of the points included are valid and explainable by you. Please do not embellish your resume for the sake of making a powerful impression with data which is inaccurate or flowery language not understood by you. The interviewer is bound to ask you to elaborate on points he or she may not understand, and you may see the job slip through your fingers if you are clueless about certain aspects of your own resume!

In order to answer questions like "What do you expect from this job?" or "How exactly would you be able to serve a company?", you need to be clear, in your own mind, about what you want from a prospective job and employee, and how capable you would be while serving them, based on your skill set.

Now, let us move on to questions which relate more specifically to the job of an administrative assistant-

Answering Administrative Assistant Interview Questions

The work of an administrative assistants deals heavily with work and time management. It is inevitable that the questions asked in an interview for the job would reflect this main aspect of the profession. So you need to be well prepared for queries such as-

  • How would you rate and describe your crisis management skills?
  • In what manner do you approach the prioritizing of different work assignments and projects?
  • How do you operate in times of an urgent, unforeseen assignment appearing without prior notice? In particular, a project which demands completion immediately?
  • Could you provide us with examples from your previous work experience where you tackled situations of urgency and crisis in a competent and productive way?

For the first three questions mentioned above, you should be able to clearly articulate your contingency strategies. Answer the "Prioritizing work" question with a prominent mention of "proper work scheduling". The last question should be answered with previous work examples that are impressive and reflective of your crisis management abilities as well as relevant to the job at hand.

Those were the most effective administrative assistant interview tips we could offer. At the end of the day, just focus on your presentation, substance in the answers you are providing, and the amount of sincerity you show in being a part of the employing agency.

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