Interview Tips

Tips to Face Legal Interview

Now that all the pain you have taken in crafting an impressive resume and an action-oriented cover letter (if you didn't, do it now), there is no way that the reader could stop himself or herself from calling you for an interview. And when you did receive a call, you have to spill over the same types of efforts to impress the interviewer on the final day.

The question is you have already communicated everything that has excited them to call you in for a personal interaction. They have gone through your skills, experience and legal qualification. So what else they are looking for?. Try to find the answer for this rational question, and you will know how important interview procedures are for a corporate culture, especially the law firm or company. So, hold on your excitement for a moment until you are selected for the position, and be prepared with these legal interview tips.

Do Some Groundwork

To climb a ladder, you obviously have to start at the first step. This is essential to reach where you want to be. So when you are trying to step inside a new place, would not it be sensible to find out about the firm or the company? Having information about the organization you will be spending time with will add to your confidence. It will be easy for you to speak something when the interviewer asks you "What do you know about our firm/company?" And mind you, this question has become so typical that wherever you go for an interview, you will have to face it.

How serious are you for the position will be seen in your answers. Being able to talk about the goals and work culture of the firm reflects that you had taken efforts and are interested to be associated with the future employer. The official website of the firm will provide you information. Take help from the NALP Directory of Legal Employers. You may also go back to your law school and speak to professors. Even the school library would be the best place for your research work.

Reach as Early as Possible

If you are called at 10 a.m., try to show up at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. This will help you to relax a bit. You can also do the last-minute grooming in the washroom. Remember, law profession is fast-faced where deadlines and schedules have to be met at any condition, employers will appreciate people who are in time.

Present Yourself like a Professional

A seller knows the quality and features of the product he is selling. That is why he can convince buyers. Here, the first thing you have offered the firm is your resume. So, know it like the back of your hand. You have to show that you have more to offer than those action verbs that you have used in the document. You need to express it verbally without sounding cocky or trite as well. Describe your experiences in an articulate manner. There is no need to exaggerate it, just be honest and choose your words carefully.

One of the most common questions the interviewer will ask you while holding your resume in hand is "Why should this firm hire you?" Many get baffled when asked this. You just have to pick some of the your strengths and describe it how it has helped your previous company, and how you can contribute it for the new employer.

Be Ready with Questions to Ask

Every interview, regardless of the profession, is not complete unless the interviewer asks you if there are any questions you want to ask. The person who has been asking you questions has given you an opportunity to ask something about the firm, and he/she is expecting it. This is the time to reiterate your interest in joining the firm and to show that you have done your homework. Ask about the training they provide to new candidates. Inquire what type of success they look for in employees. Find out how things are necessary for advancement. Pick your questions wisely. Do not ask about salary, bonuses, paid leaves, and whether you are supposed to work during weekends.

Interview is the last chance to nail that coveted job. So, see that you put it all your zeal and enthusiasm to come out happily from the interviewer's cabin. With these tips, there won't be any difficult to receive the offer letter.

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