Interview Tips

Top Tips to Crack Management Interview

If you want to get a job you must clear an interview and in order to get through one, you will have to prepare well in advance. This will make you confident and answer the questions without blabbering. The following management interview tips can be very useful when you prepare to face the interviewer:

  1. Body language: When you answer the questions, the manager can make out if you are nervous. It will reflect in your voice and the way you project yourself. There are a few gestures which indicate that you are nervous. If you fold your arms and sit or constantly resort to a gesture that shows you are nervous, then you may not be called the next round.

    1. Correct Management Resume: First of all, you need to make sure that you really have a good resume made specifically for the management job. For creating such management resume, you can get some help here.
    2. Posture: Sit upright but do not become stiff in your chair. Stiffness would show that you are not comfortable. Similarly, if you sit in a sloppy position it would show that you are too casual and do not care about the job. So the best way to sit is an upright and lean slightly forward to show that you are relaxed and ready to answer the questions.

    3. Hands: Try to have a firm handshake. Do not have a very strong or a very weak handshake. Appear relaxed. Folding your arms would seem a gesture of defensiveness. If you wave too much, it would appear clumsy and unprofessional. Do not fiddle with something on the table, which might distract the interviewer.

    4. Eye contact: Although it is good to have an eye contact, do not appear as it you are staring the interviewer. You can have an eye contact for about 10 seconds and then look away for a while before making the eye contact once again. If there is more than one person conducting the interview, try to make an eye contact with everyone for a short while every now and then.

  2. Information about company: Before you go for an interview, do take out some time to get some information about the company. Try to find out the services they provide, the kind of clients they have and the projects they do. They might ask what you like about the company. You could also know how to project yourself so as to get accepted by the hiring managers. For example, if the mission statement of a company is to deliver quality, you could stress on how much importance you give to quality and if you are able to stick to the deadlines.

  3. Expected questions: Some questions are asked during most of the interviews by most of the hiring managers and believe me, such questions have a purpose behind them. For example, when asked "tell me about yourself" you should highlight your experience. Start with your most recent employer and end with your first one. While doing so do not forget to state your achievements and how you proved to be an asset for your company.

    After asking you several questions, you will be given time to ask questions to the interviewer. You should be prepared for this one; if you are silent it might give the wrong message that you are not interested in the company. You can ask questions like "what are the objectives of the company"; "what would be my growth path in the company"; "what are the skills that I should acquire to ensure that the company benefits from me" etc.

  4. Prove your capability: when you talk about your managerial capabilities, make sure you give examples with a statement. For example, if you say you are good at delegation, give a small anecdote from your past experience to consolidate your statement. You can say that how you were able to delegate work and monitored a project to ensure that the project was completed on time.

  5. Dress smartly: Wear a formal attire when you for a managerial interview. Most of the hiring managers observe what you wear when you go for an interview. Try not to wear something fashionable, trendy and flashy. Your hair should be done neatly in such a manner that you do not have the need to put your fingers through them repeatedly. Your overall appearance should be neat and tidy.

Although the above management interview tips might be good to read, but your success would depend on how much you can implement them. If you do your homework before you sit in that 'hot seat', you will be more comfortable answering the questions, appear confident and interested in the position you are applying for.

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