Interview Tips

A Few Marketing Interview Tips and Do's and Dont's for Applicants

There are certain marketing interview tips that you should know before going for an interview. As you know, marketing is a diverse field and the applicant who wants to apply here has many options at his disposal. Once the applicant has found his kind of a job and has written a resume (get marketing resume help here) in order to apply for it, the next move is made by the recruiter who, based on an individual's resume application, decides whom to call for interview and whom to skip. Now once you have got this interview call from the company, the ball is in your court and all you need to do now is to prepare for the interview. Now let's consider the post of a market research analyst for the sake of argument and begin with the preparation.

Before interview:

  • Read about the company - At the time of applying to the company, you should go to the company's website and read its mission and vision statements, along with taking a quick look at its portfolio and understanding what kind of clients is the company serving.
  • Dressing sense - You should be wearing formals to any interview you go for. This is a common and expected attire that is expected by every recruiter.
  • Be on time - It is advised that you reach the venue of the interview well before time, at least half an hour before the scheduled time, as it is better to be early than to be late.

Now when the interview starts:

  • Body Language - It is true that this is the time of excitement (and a bit of nervousness also) but don't let it show on you face, or in your voice. Before even starting to ask questions, the interviewer begins judging you by observing your body language. He wants to see confidence here, and nothing else.
  • Talk normally - Subside your excitement/ nervousness by talking in a normal tone of voice. Many a times, the recruiter may ask a certain question to whose answer you are absolutely sure and confident. Under such conditions, a person feels an exceedingly high level of excitement and a state of near euphoria. But if you let it show in your tone, this will tell the recruiter about your inner fluctuating confidence levels. So, the key here is to keep your feelings of pressure, excitement, and nervousness under check and answer to all the question with calm and confidence.
  • Listen carefully - Never assume what the recruiter is going to ask you next. Let him complete his question first and abstain from interrupting him/ her.
  • Small talk - Please restrict small talk. This is not the forum for engaging in casual conversation. At the same time, don't talk about anything that is not relevant to the interview.
  • Basic initial questions - The initial questions by the interviewer would always be about you and your family. You should not get too involved in such personal details. As far as the recruiter is concerned, it is just a way of putting the applicant at ease and starting the interview.. So, at this point, only answer what the recruiter asks; be short and concise about this.

Now, when the recruiter starts to ask you about your prior experience in the field of market research:

  • It is just like selling - For marketing interview, it is necessary that you possess skills to sell your idea and your application to the interviewer. This could be achieved by telling him about your biggest project till date and your biggest client/ employer until now. Tell him how you contributed towards boosting the sales of that company.
  • About your experience - Mention the name of big/ known companies/ clients for whom you have worked. Mention you USP regarding developing, conducting and analyzing market surveys.
  • Something special/ interesting about your profile - The interviewer is bound to ask such a question. You can tell him about your skills in preparing statistics, analyzing market trends, assessing customer satisfaction, market forecast and data collection.
  • Have certificates and experience letters ready - You might want to support your claims of employment and achievements with definite documents. Keep these ready and produce them in front of the interviewer along with a printed copy of your resume.

So, these are some marketing interview tips that are to be kept in mind and planned upon before you go in for the interview. These will help you in your interview and greatly determine its outcome. All the best!

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