Interview Tips

Pageant Interview Tips

Following are some Do's and don'ts for Pageant interview:


  • You may practice using a tape recorder. Listen to your voice. Ask to your friends or relatives about your body language.
  • You must know everything about the town or city you are representing or live in.
  • You must know who are your judges.
  • Be on time. It is very important to be on time to each and every event.
  • Smile from the time you step on the stage up to the time you step off the stage.
  • If you prepared then you can relax and enjoy your time on stage. You have to attend all offered Pre-Pageant Workshops in your state.
  • Hair should have a fresh, clean, healthy appearance.
  • You must wear make-up that is appropriate for your age.
  • Pre-Teens should keep to a low heal or something they can comfortably walk in. Be sure your shoes compliment your dress.
  • You have keep eye contact with the judges. Answer the question keeping eye contact and looking down the line of judges. When you are finished answering the question, end your eye contact with the judge who first asked the question.
  • Make sure you can complete one full turn gracefully without looking down or at the ceiling. Select a type of turn that works for you. It does not matter to the judges if you do a circle turn.
  • Sit properly. Usually your hands are in your lap. Your knees should be together with ankles crossed or feet together.
  • When you enter the interview room there will be a chair for you to sit in. Walk to the chair and wait until the judges tell you to have a seat.
  • For Evening party, Dressing is of your choice. It may be long or short.
  • Keep a good sense of humor.
  • Walk "natural" and keep your hands relaxed by your side, barely touching your dress. Use a normal arm swing.


  • Never look at the floor or ceiling.
  • Don't walk too fast or too slow. Remember to be natural.
  • Never hold your dress.
  • Not smiling you are sure to loose points.
  • Do not sway from side to side, while standing on stage.
  • Make up is not allowed for Pre-Teens, Sweethearts and Princess contestants.
  • Looking back or being impatient for your escort to get to you looks really bad on stage.
  • Do not wear Glitter in your hair.
  • Never chew gum on stage or even in your interviews.
  • Looking sad when another girl receives an award is the worst thing.

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