Interview Tips

Top Interview Tips for Students

Although you may never have faced a personal interview before, there is always a first time for everything. If you have already faced n interview before and were not called back again, check out the student interview tips given below to see where you went wrong. If you do that your chances of being called for the next round would increase and this, in turn, would provide you an opportunity to get a job you want.

  • Invest in formal clothes: You may be in the habit of attending college in jeans and T shirts, but when you go for an interview, it is very important that you buy some formal clothes for yourself. After you get employed, you will definitely use these clothes. If you know someone working in that company, ask what they wear as formal clothes.

  • About the company: You do not have experience and things could be worse if you have no information about the company. The websites of organizations will have most of the information you require.

  • Get your resume: Before you go for your interview, check if you have all the documents including your resume, certificates, mark sheets, references, photographs etc. The recruiters might ask for your resume when you meet them. Make sure you make a really good student resume. You can take some help for the same here.

  • Check your resume: Before you send your resume, make sure that you go through it to correct errors of language, if any. Be ready to answer anything mentioned in your resume. If you have written reading as one of your interest, you might be asked what books you read when you get time.

  • Practice: Practice answering questions before a friend. Talk about yourself for two minutes; you can even record what you say so that you know how you sound when you speak. You can practice with a group of friends. One of you can act as the candidate and the rest can act as the panelists.

  • Create a career portfolio: This can give you an edge over the other applicants. You have a chance to showcase all the projects you might have done in your portfolio. Most of these portfolios would be able to convey something you might not be able to do in front of the interviewers. Your portfolio can be in the form of a website, a video, a CD, or even a slide show. You can give a link of your online portfolio even before you appear for an interview.

  • Be polite to your interviewer: Observe the common courtesies to the people who will ask you questions. When you are at the door, wait for them to call you inside. Have a firm handshake. Switch off your mobile phone before you enter the room. Do not praise the recruiters as if they were your friends. After the interview is over, do not forget to thank all of them for giving you their precious time.

  • General awareness: Being a student many employers might want to know if you are aware of the what is happening in the country and around the globe. Also hone your knowledge about the various biggies in the industry you want to work. For example, if you have recently finished your graduation form a hotel management institute, you should at least know the names of some of the best hotels in your area and what they are known for.

  • Body language: This is one of the most important things that you would need to take care of. If you nervous or tense, your body and voice betrays it very clearly. That is why when you have practice sessions with your friends, ask them to observe your body language as well. See to it that when you sit in a chair you have an upright posture and lean slightly forward. This will show that you are relaxed. Tilt your head slightly to show that you are relaxed. Do not make the mistake of folding your arms as it shows a defensive attitude. Do not keep looking at your watch or the door frequently.

When you go for the interview, do not get nervous because you do not have experience. Instead, highlight your positive traits of personality. Tell about your past experiences at school, your achievements and progress. Try on focus on positives than on something that you do not know. Show your eagerness to get the job but do not sound desperate. Do your homework well. Before you answer a difficult questions, take a few deep breaths and think for a few seconds to answer them.

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