Interview Tips

Tips On Personal Interview

A personal interview gives an opportunity to evaluate you in depth. It also gives you the opportunity to learn much more about the employer and the company.

Following are some tips on personal interview:

  • Do your homework

    Preparation always creates confidence. So the important thing to an interview is to be well prepared. In this you have to consider two things:

    • You must prepare yourself practically for the interview.
    • You have to gather information, which is useful during the interview.

  • Don't waste time

    Don't waste time discussing things that are already indicated on your application. You have to discuss the points, which are not in resume but shows that you are eligible for the position. You have to discuss the strong and positive points about yourself.

  • Presentation

    Keep in mind that you never get second chance to make your first impression. Presentation plays an important role while making first impression. Display confidence through your posture, dress, walk, energy, and eye contact. Shake hands firmly but only if a hand is offered to you first. Let the interviewer start the dialogue.

  • Be Yourself

    Relax and be yourself. Be honest with every question. No need to lying about your background and/or skills. If you get caught then you will definitely out.

  • Listening

    Listening is most important part of interview. Don't interrupt the interviewer. Listen carefully what he/she is asking. If you feel the question is unclear, ask for clarification. Pause before answering to consider all facts that may substantiate your response. Always offer positive information.

  • Follow up

    Always send thank you letter within 24 hours after the interview. Send thank you letter to each person with whom you interviewed.

  • Personal interview - Don'ts

    • Don't arrive late for the interview.
    • Don't be with poor personal appearance.
    • Application form or resume is incomplete.
    • Don't be over aggressive.
    • Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
    • Failure to ask questions about the job.
    • No genuine interest in the company or job.
    • Lack of maturity.
    • Lack of planning for career.
    • Don't be negative about past employers.

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